Courses for Flea Market Vendors

Want to learn how to become a flea market vendor? Or how to expand your flea market business? Below you will find links to our comprehensive, step-by-step courses. You will find beginners courses to advanced courses that will help expand your knowledge of the flea market industry.

The topics of these courses will expand upon our flea market vendor tips and articles and give more details about how to apply this knowledge to your own flea market business. I hope that you find these courses to be informative. Please feel free to contact us with any comments, suggestions, and/or questions.

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Beginners Course

This course covers the basics of getting set up as a flea market vendor.

Day 1: Find Local Flea Markets
Day 2: Visit and Compare Local Flea Markets
Day 3: Choose a Flea Market To Sell At
Day 4: Research and Decide Which Products/Merchandise To Sell
Day 5: Make Your Flea Market Business Legal

Product Sourcing Course

This course will introduce you to some methods of product sourcing and also give you some tips to find flea market items to sell

Lesson 1: Local Sourcing for Flea Market Vendors
Lesson 2: How to Avoid Middlemen and Scammers
Lesson 3: The Benefits of Making Your Flea Market Business Legal
Lesson 4: Flea Market Product Sourcing Methods
Lesson 5: Choosing Products That Sell With Market Research
Lesson 6: Locating & Contacting Genuine Wholesalers

Marketing Your Flea Market Business Course

This course will introduce you to some methods of marketing your flea market business. Learn how to apply relationship, viral, website and email marketing strategies to your marketing campaign.

Lesson 1: Getting The Word Out
Lesson 2: Building Relationships & Developing Friendships
Lesson 3: Viral Marketing Strategies
Lesson 4: Website Marketing Strategies
Lesson 5: Email Marketing Strategies

How to Add a Newsletter to Your Flea Market Business

How to Add Additional Streams of Revenue to Your Flea Market Business

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