Product Sourcing Course for Flea Market Vendors Lesson 6: Locating & Contacting Genuine Wholesalers

In this lesson you will find out how to find real wholesalers and what you will need before you contact them.

Step 1: Read Pages 3-5, Chapter 6 – Finding Real Wholesalers (pages 21-25), and Chapter 7 – Working With Real Wholesalers (pages 25-33) of the “Successful Product Sourcing” e-book.

Step 2: Review the key points below.

Key Points of This Chapter:

-Key Point # 1: You need to work with legitimate wholesale suppliers.

-Key Point # 2: 99% of manufacturers will not work directly with retailers.

-Key Point # 3: Real wholesalers don’t advertise in the search engines.

-Key Point # 4: To find factory authorized wholesalers, you need to ask the manufacturer.

-Key Point # 5: To find the manufacturer of a product, look at the owners manual or model and serial number sticker.

-Key Point # 6: When you contact wholesalers, most will ask you for:

    -  Business Name and Tax ID
    -  Business Address
    -  Business Phone and Fax #
    -  Business Hours of Operation
    -  Business Status
    -  Time in Business
    -  Trade References and Bank References
    -  DUNS (Dunn & Bradstreet) Number
    -  Estimate Purchases From Current Suppliers
    -  Product Mix
    -  Size of Customer Base
    -  Physical Storefront

Step 3: Use the information in these sections to build your own list of wholesalers. You should now be prepared enough to contact the sales rep to set up your account.

I hope that you have found this product sourcing course useful to your flea market business. Please check back frequently for more tips, articles, and courses.

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* Some of the information in this course is extracted from the “Successful Product Sourcing” e-book which is Copyrighted by Worldwide Brands, Inc.


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