Tips for Flea Market Vendors

Marketing tips, eBay buying tips, resources for buying wholesale flea market items, advertising methods and other tips for flea market vendors. Vendors are always on the hunt for the best selling flea market item. Finding the best deals on high demand items is one of the main keys to being a top selling flea market vendor.

Here at flea-market-vendor-resources, we know that there is more to being a successful seller than finding products. We do have a wide selection of resources for buying wholesale flea market items. However, we will focus on other aspects of flea market selling as well. Below you will find the best tips on everything from eBay buying tips to marketing tips.

What Flea Market Vendors Can Expect to Learn:

- How to obtain products with little or no up front cash.

- Our top tips on attracting shoppers to your flea market booth.

- How to keep customers coming back to your booth.

- How to increase customer loyalty.

- How to join forces with other sellers or local businesses for
   increased profits and much more.

These tips can be applied to any flea market business. Whether you are just starting your flea market business or are a seasoned veteran seller. If you are a beginner, check out our beginners course for great start up tips and resources. If you are more experienced, then scan the tips below. Pick the one that excites you the most and apply them to your flea market business. These tips will only help you if you take action and put them to use.

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Tips for Flea Market Vendors:

Finding Popular Flea Market Products to Sell From Your Booth

Flea market vendors are always in search of the most popular flea market products to offer from their booths. However, searching for flea market wholesale items for your flea market booth can be frustrating sometimes. We have 2 new articles in our article directory that will help you find, choose, and buy flea market wholesale items. You can also find more product sourcing tips in our product sourcing course.

Getting Repeat Customers to Your Flea Market Booth Each Month.
This vendor tip was submitted by Louise Cohoon, a vendor at Gordyville Flea Market:

Here is an idea I use to get repeat customers to my booth each month. I got some free business cards from "Vista Print" with the name and location of my booth at the flea market and also listed date and time on it. I made up some cute holiday (Mothers Day, Easter etc) coupons that gives them 20% off purchase of $20.00 or more.

Along with this I also give out recipes free. They come back each month just to see what the recipes are and will usually buy something. I also make sure I change places around on my tables and make sure I have something new each month. Hope this helps some one.

You can find Louise’s booth near door 16 at Gordyville Flea Market. Look for “Jewelry Paradise”.

Uncover more tips for marketing your flea market business in our business marketing course.

Don't Become Product Bound, Stay Flexible
This vendor tip was submitted by Cheryl Hendricks:

What's that mean, "don't become product bound, stay flexible?" It means don't fall in love with your product, because sooner or later you may need to stop selling that product and move on to something new.

I was a flea marketer for years, and traveled all over the United States. I started off selling deodorant stones and essential oils and incense. Over the years, I moved to selling my own handcrafted items (paintings, beadwork, leather work, etc), as well as used books.

Some items would sell well in one market, while in the next market they wouldn't sell at all. Over the years, I also saw a decline of the essential oil sales, as more health food stores started to carry the oils.

By the time the oil sales were dropping I moved into selling other items. If I hadn't I would have been stuck with product that I couldn't sell and no way to buy something else to sell.

You can find more tips for marketing your flea market business in our business marketing course.

The Benefits of Business Cards and Postcards

Business cards and Postcards are great tools to promote your flea market business. The cost of creating business cards and postcards is low compared to other marketing pieces. Find out more about creating business cards and postcards by reading our new articles in our article directory. You can find more tips for marketing your flea market business in our business marketing course.

Find Low Priced Flea Market Products on Craigslist.

A lot of people use Craigslist to get rid of unwanted items. Sometimes you can find low priced or even free items on craigslist within your area. Flea market vendors can use this website to uncover some great deals and resell those items from their flea market booth. Find out more about Craigslist by reading our article The Benefits of Using Craigslist for Flea Market Vendors

Accepting Credit Cards Can Increase Your Profits.

Shoppers tend to spend more money if they can use their credit card to purchase items from your flea market booth. You can accept credit cards by setting up a merchant account. Find out how by reading our article All About Merchant Accounts.

3 Ways to Obtain Products for Your Christmas Shoppers

You are probably already getting the catalogs of all the new merchandise from your current suppliers. Here are a few ways to find Christmas gift items to sell to your flea market customers.

1. Visit the local auctions to find some good deals before Christmas gets too close. As the holiday season approaches, more people will be attending the local auctions to get deals for themselves or for their shoppers. Start now so that you can beat the rush.

2. Ask your friends and relatives if they have any items that they would like to get rid of. You can sometimes get great items this way.

3. Search through your home for items that you no longer need. You may be surprised to find that you have some items that you no longer need or want. These can make great gifts for your flea market customers to buy. If you have kids, go through their old toys and see what you can find. I have four kids and we do this every year. It makes room for their new toys, too.

Start Making Room for Your Christmas Items

Are you prepared for the holiday season? Do you have room in your booth for your Christmas items? Christmas is coming fast, be prepared. You may want to run a clearance sale on some of your merchandise to make room for new items. Sales draw lots of attention.

While your flea market shoppers are at your booth you may want to offer them some discount coupons. As an incentive to get shoppers to buy now, offer them a 5% discount off their next purchase. Let them know that your new Christmas items will be arriving soon and encourage them to save money by doing their Christmas shopping with you.

Other tips are coming soon. Please visit us often to check out our new flea market vendor tips.

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