Product Sourcing Course for Flea Market Vendors Lesson 4: Flea Market Product Sourcing Methods

In this lesson you will learn about four product sourcing methods that you can use to obtain flea market items for your flea market business.

Step 1: Read Chapter 4 – Product Sourcing Methods (pages 14-16) of the “Successful Product Sourcing” e-book.

Step 2: Review the key points below.

Key Points of This Chapter

-Key Point # 1: The four common product sourcing methods are:

    -  Light Bulk Wholesaling
    -  Drop Shipping
    -  Liquidation Buying
    -  Overstock/Closeout Buying

-Key Point # 2: No single product sourcing method should be used to support your entire business. Using multiple product sourcing methods is the real key to success.

Step 3: Review the brainstorming and action steps below. Then complete the action steps.

Most flea market vendors use a combination of these methods as well as a few local sourcing methods. Each method has its own benefits and drawbacks. Each flea market business is different so finding the right balance of product sourcing methods will vary.

- Action Step # 1: Review the different methods listed and determine which methods would best suit your flea market business.

Now that you have determined which product sourcing methods you will use, it’s time to decide which products to sell. In the next lesson we will learn about using market research to determine which flea market products to sell.

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* Some of the information in this course is extracted from the “Successful Product Sourcing” e-book which is Copyrighted by Worldwide Brands, Inc.


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