Day 3: Choose a Flea Market to Sell At

Now that you have researched the local flea markets, it’s time to choose the best flea market to set up at. In this lesson you will use a new decision making software called Choose It! to help you choose the best flea market for you. (Link opens in a new window.)

Each flea market vendor’s needs and preferences are different. Some vendors prefer small flea markets (less competition) versus large flea markets (more traffic). When choosing a flea market, a few things to consider would be:

-Size and price of booth
-Number of vendors
-Amount of traffic
-Open air or indoor flea market
-Which products are available (is there competition for you?)
-Distance from your home
-Any benefits provided (such as tips, wholesale resources, listings of   local auctions, listing on their flea market website, etc.)

What other options and/or requirements are important to you? Which options are the most important to you?

How to Use Choose It! :

1: Click the above Choose It! link. (Link will open a new window.)

2: Enter your question (“Which Flea Market is Best for me?”) in the box at the bottom of the screen. Then click the => button to proceed to next step.

3: List the flea markets that you are considering to set up at.

4: List the options and/or requirements that are important to you and how important they are to you.

5: Score each flea market based on how well they meet each option or requirement.

6: Review the overall score and bar chart presented for the best flea market for you based on your own preferences.

None of your choices or decision results are stored, so your privacy is assured (see the privacy policy).

Now that you have used the software, you can use it to make all kinds of decisions.

In the next lesson, you will learn free and low cost ways to obtain flea market items.

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