Day 1: Find a Local Flea Market

The first step (and probably the most important one) to becoming a flea market vendor is to do some research. In this lesson you will use a valuable search tool to help you do some online research on flea markets, vendors, and products. You will conclude this lesson having a general idea about flea markets in your area, what other vendors are selling, and some ideas as to what products to sell.

You will use the information gathered in this lesson to help you make decisions in the next two lessons. Ready? Let’s start our online research…

Find the local flea markets in your area. The best way to do this is to use a flea market directory website. You can use your favorite search engine and do a search for “flea market directory”. Visit the flea market directory websites and find flea markets in your area. The directories usually list # of vendors, # of customers, and other information that you may want to make a note of.

Some of the largest and most popular flea market directories are:,, and (Links open in new window)

Make a list of the names and websites of the flea markets in your area. If no website is listed then return to your favorite search engine and do a search for the name of the flea market.

Or you can use my favorite search tool to locate local flea markets. This tool is a real time saver for doing any kind of research. I use it for my children’s research projects for school, finding content for my website, keeping an eye on my competition, finding a local pizza shop (or flea market), and many other searches.

Search It! turns you into a Business Power-Surfer by combining almost any search you would want to do (from simple searches to complex/focused searches) into one neat package. Try it out; I’m sure you’ll love it. If you want to use Search It! to find local flea markets: select “Local Business Competition” in Step 1, then select either Google or Yahoo in Step 2, type “flea market” in Step 3, then type your city, state or zip code in Step 4. Then click “Search It” button.

Now visit the website of each flea market and get a general idea of the products sold at each flea market. Some flea markets list their vendors and the types of flea market items that they sell. You can check out our flea market items to get some product ideas from our vendors.

In a later lesson you will learn some other methods of finding and choosing products to sell. For now, you just want to check out which products are currently being sold in your area.

In the next lesson, you will do some field research by visiting the local flea markets.

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