Day 5: Make Your Flea Market Business Legal

You have decided upon a flea market to sell at, which products you will sell, and how and where you will get those products. You have now reached the part that everyone dreads, setting up the legal aspects of your flea market business. Don’t worry, it won’t be too painful. It’s better to set up your business legally now to avoid trouble later on.

Once you have decided on the types of products you will sell, you will be able to determine which permits or licenses you will need to obtain. The flea market owner or manager should be able to tell you which ones and where to get them. Usually a vendor’s license and sales tax id number are needed.

You will need to come up with a business name. Once you have done that, I would recommend setting up a business account at your bank. This way it is easier for bookkeeping purposes. If you are selling high priced items, you may want to apply for a merchant account to accept credit cards.

Every state, city, and county has their own set of laws that govern businesses within that area. So be sure to check with your local court house and/or county commission office for the exact laws in your area.

You have reached the end of our beginners course. I hope that you have found it useful. If so, then please feel free to share it with others. Your friends, family, or subscribers will thank you for it.

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