Wholesale Clothing Tips for Flea Market Vendors

by Donny Lowy

Wholesale brand name clothing is the product category that most flea market vendors make their money with. While this means that having access to wholesale clothing can help a flea market vendor make money, it also means that there will be plenty of competition in the flea market for it.

Here are tips specifically geared for flea market vendors that sell brand name clothing.

Flea Market Brand Name Clothing Sales Tip #1

Separate according to price point. Have your booth set up so that you distinguish between your higher and lower priced brand name clothing. This way a customer will not be turned off by high or low prices.

You can always direct your customer to the price point that he or she is comfortable with.

Flea Market Brand Name Clothing Sales Tip #2

Prominently display the tags and labels. By prominently displaying the tags and labels you are showing your customers the brand names you are selling. Customers have been known to buy clothing simply because of the brand name, so it is important that they see the brands you have for sale.

Flea Market Brand Name Clothing Sales Tip #3

Let them know your clothing is genuine. Customers know that genuine brand name clothing is of a higher value than the brand name knock offs. And even when the quality is similar most customers prefer to buy genuine and original brand name clothing. Have a large display sign announcing that your brand name clothing is real.

Flea Market Brand Name Clothing Sales Tip #4

Don’t price your brand name clothing below a realistic price. If your prices are too low for brand name clothing customers will assume that they are fakes. By having a realistic price you are telling your customers that your merchandise is real, and that is why you are charging a low but fair price.

About the Author:
Donny Lowy runs www.cheapwholesaleprices.com an online wholesale and closeout business that supplies eBay sellers, retailers, and flea market vendors.

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