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SIFM Customer News        Editor: Melissa Oaks        Issue #7        Date: November 4, 2006

November 2006 News and Specials

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Welcome Message

      Welcome back to another addition of the Snead Indoor Flea Market News! A very warm welcome goes to those that are 1st time readers. We publish this monthly newsletter to keep our customers informed about any news or specials that they may want to know about. I hope that you enjoy this issue.

Note from Editor

      I hope that each of you had a fun and safe Halloween. The 1st of November marks the start of the Christmas shopping season. I hope that each of you will consider the Snead Indoor Flea Market as your first stop for your shopping needs. We have just over 7 weeks left until Christmas.

      In the mean time, Thanksgiving is right around the corner. So in keeping in tune with this theme, I will be showing my thanks to our customers by providing some free tips, articles, and reports. These items will include holiday craft projects, money-saving tips and resources, yummy recipes for the upcoming holidays, and much more. You can find these on our customer gift page.

      I hope that each of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I will be adding recipes, decorating tips, and other things to the gift page over the next few weeks to help you plan a great Thanksgiving holiday to remember.

      This month my daughter and I will both be celebrating our birthday. So in celebration of our birthdays I would like to offer you some free gifts. Keep your eyes tuned in to the website above and watch for these gifts on the 15th and 26th of this month.

November News

Thank you to all customers and vendors that donated money to Britney to vote for her as the 2006 Fall Princess at Carlisle Elementary. She collected a total of $202.32, which unfortunately was not enough for her to win. However, her sister did crown her princess by presenting her with a bouquet of flowers and a tiara. She may not have won the Fall Princess title, but she sure felt and looked like a princess the rest of the day. She also felt good about raising money for her school.

November Specials

      In celebration of the upcoming holiday season, the Snead Indoor Flea Market will be holding another prize drawing. Please see the posted flyers for entry details. First prize will be a remote control Hummer valued at over $100. This would make a great Christmas gift or keep it for your self. Second prize will be a $25 Snead Indoor Flea Market gift certificate, redeemable towards any purchase from any booth within our flea market. This could allow you to buy a gift or maybe some holiday decorations. The drawing will be held on Sunday, December 3 at 2 pm, you do not have to be present to win. Good luck!

      Every week we will be adding new customer appreciation gifts to our customer gift page so don’t forget to log on to see what’s available.

Snead Indoor Flea Market      43100 State Hwy 75      Snead, AL 35952      (256) 558-2881

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