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SIFM Customer News         Editor: Melissa Oaks          Issue #9        Date: March 3, 2007

March 2007 News and Specials

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Welcome Message

      Welcome back to another addition of the Snead Indoor Flea Market News! A very warm welcome goes to those that are 1st time readers. We publish this newsletter to keep our customers informed about any news or specials that they may want to know about. I hope that you enjoy this issue. You can view past issues below.

Note from Editor

       The warm days of Spring are near and I hope that you will consider bringing your family out for a great day of shopping at the Snead Indoor Flea Market. Easter will be here soon so come check out our selection of Easter items.

March News

       A lot of changes have taken place at the Snead Indoor Flea Market. Some of our vendors have moved to different booths and we have many new vendors. A variety of new products are now available throughout the market. Come check out our new setup, meet our new vendors and browse our new product selection.

March Specials

       Here is a welcome message from one of our new vendors, Avery’s Novelties and Gifts. I am new to the market and would like everyone to come by booths A13-A15 and check out my interesting gifts. I have wildlife figurines, tools, toys, grab bags, rebel flags, rebel flag items, knives, lighters, collector knives, and more. In the next few weeks I will have my Novelty and Standard mounts.

       Come check out the deer foot thermometers, deer foot gun racks, deer foot ash trays and deer rump mounts (like door bells). I will be handing out cards for my taxidermy work for the upcoming Fall season.

      Sealey’s Treasure Chest: Come by booths A16-A18 and B12-B16 to see our new stock. We have redone our complete inventory. We have included a complete line of men’s clothing. Which includes new Levi’s for $8, a selection of cowboy boots, Timberland boots and men’s overalls. We are also redoing our ladies section. We have a wide selection of ladies shoes, jeans, dress clothes and purses. Also we have Cody brand perfumes, colognes, and body washes for men and ladies. Check out our wide selection of pictures by Pargon.

      In the upcoming weeks we will be adding a new selection of jewelry, including hand-made bracelets, earrings and necklaces. Be sure to check with us for your upcoming Mother’s Day gifts. We will have hand-made purses like John Deere, Sponge Bob, Hobo, Fringed Denim, and more.

       We are still offering our layaway plan with 20% down and must be paid off within 30 days. We are going to try to have monthly offers like so much off or a free gift with each purchase, come by to see what we are doing this weekend. Come do your Mother’s Day and Father’s Day buying at Sealey’s Treasure Chest.

      Loco Lisa’s is offering 20% off all Authentic Indian Bone chokers, hatbands, bracelets, and earrings. March Special: Mardi Gras Party. Come by booth G-1 and get your free Mardi Gras Beads.

      Come to Stover’s Gifts new location at booths J1-J6 to see our new sight. We have the same great gift ideas and new ones. We also have a catalog of gifts you can order from. Just let us know what you are looking for and we may be able to get it for you. We will be having a great giveaway. For every new gift item purchased, you will be entered into the drawing. Stop by our new booth to see what exciting gift we will be giving away. Hope to see you soon.

Snead Indoor Flea Market      43100 State Hwy 75      Snead, AL 35952      (256) 558-2881

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