Increase Response Rates For Your Postcards Campaigns

by Lynne Saarte

Postcards are generally distributed by direct mail. Business owners have used this method countless times and have been rather successful in achieving their goals- to reach as many as possible of their target audience, and eventually get a response from them, favorably.

Nevertheless, business owners have yet to optimize the potential of the direct mailing as an effective strategy for postcards campaigns. In order for you to optimize the return of investments from this particular marketing strategy, you need to constantly update yourself and your business in each aspect of the trade. You need to come up with innovative ideas every now and then to keep your postcard printing campaigns fresh and attractive to your potential clients.

There are strategies that work, and there are still those that should be avoided. You might want to try some of the strategies that I’ve tried over the years to increase my business’ leverage. And maybe they might work for you as they did with mine and the others who also have tested these strategies.

Everything starts with the offer. No matter how attractive your postcards, it doesn’t mean a thing if you don’t have anything of value to offer your target readers. More than a well designed postcard, your promise of a benefit would always get you response. So before you could even begin to plan the look and feel of your postcards, and what information you intend to give out, you have to first determine the big offer, incentive or value of your product or service.

Create a solid direct mail list. You already have your market and you have narrowed down your target to a group of people. All you need now is a solid base of mailing list for your target market. The information in your direct mail list for your postcards has to match your target clients as closely as possible.

You could either come up with an in-house list or you could hire experts that could help you develop your postcards’ direct mail listing. There are several companies that offer such services. You could even go online to look for one. Your image; your postcard. I can’t stress enough the fact that your postcards are direct representations of you and your business.

In addition, you only have a limited space to put everything you want to say to your target readers. So use your space wisely. Don’t choose a design or layout just because it looks good. Choose a design that will support not only your headline but most importantly, your identity as a provider of solutions.

Remember that there are several ways to skin a cat. And there are certainly many ways to go about your postcard printing campaign. What works for some, may not work for you at all. You just have to keep trying and eventually you’ll reach your goals and success in no time.

Editor Note: Postcards are a great way to advertise your flea market business. For more marketing tips to promote your flea market business, check out our business marketing course for flea market vendors.

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