Get Better Response: Say the Words Your Clients Want to Hear

by Kaye Z. Marks

Even with the most engaging design and brilliant colors done by the most expensive commercial printing company, your promotional materials will not be able to do you any good when it comes to getting any sales if all they get to do is to attract. More than attract the attention of your target readers, your marketing collaterals need to produce sales fast.

And the only way your marketing collaterals can draw sales is when you have better response from your leads. More than ever, you need to say the words that your clients would want to hear. Here are a few pointers to help you take out the ads that don’t do their job and get new ones that work hard to show you the money.

The Headline

The first thing that your clients would read is your headline. It is the very first group of words that they’ll be able to read from your brochures, newsletter, or flyers. As such, it is the single most significant element in your advertisement that can pull its own weight around.

Most business owners know this fact, and every graphic designer worth his salt understand this detail. But believe it or not, you could still see so many ads that have the company name and address as their headline. If this fact is moot, why on earth do these guys still insist on putting their names at the top most area in their front page?

Instead, put your most valuable benefit where it belongs – front page and top center. Benefits are the only things that your target clients would be interested in. And if they’re ready to buy from you, they will find your name and address even if you keep it hidden in your back page.

It is All About Them

Please do not talk about yourself. Your clients and potential customers don’t give a hoot to who you are or what you do. They are only concerned in what would be in it for them. That is why it so important to put the benefits that your customers would be happy to know more of. Leave your ego behind and provide promotional copy that would focus on your customers, their needs, wants and desires.

Call To Action

Your advertisement would not be doing its job if you do not tell your customers what you want them to do after reading your promotional material. I mean, even if you know this and your customers know it too, the fact remains that you have to tell them what to do if you want your clients to respond to your ad.

Your call to action provides the push that your clients need to go out there and buy. Call now! Come in today and you’ll get a special discount. Fill up this form and send to this address for your surprise gift. Or something to that effect. Whatever it is, just get them to act on your offer.

So the next time you print your advertisements, apply these suggestions and get better response from your clients.

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