Flea Market Wholesale Products

by Donny Lowy

Flea market wholesale products can help you build a successful flea market business, as long as you have the right product mix.

Flea markets are really another version of corner retail stores.

Customers who shop at flea markets are looking for the same types of products that they would look for in a retail store.

While this is generally true, there are some differences.

Customers who frequent a retail store are generally looking for a specific product, while flea market customers are looking to see what products they can discover.

Another difference between flea market customers and “store” customers is the following.

Flea market customers usually are bargain shoppers, and will prefer to save money on a lesser known brand, than on a more expensive well known brand.

Practically speaking this means that flea market vendors need to buy wholesale products which reflect the budget preferences of their flea market customers.

Flea market vendors need to look for high quality wholesale products that are targeted to budget minded consumers.

While a “store” customer might buy a $50 Ralph Lauren jacket discounted to $30, a flea market customer will typically prefer to buy a no name jacket for $10, assuming the quality is high.

Many flea market vendors who frequent my site, www.closeoutexplosion.com, have agreed with me that their customers prefer savings over brands.

The wholesale flea market products that you purchase should reflect the needs of your flea market customers.

About the Author:
Donny Lowy runs www.cheapwholesaleprices.com an online wholesale and closeout business that supplies eBay sellers, retailers, and flea market vendors.

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