Create Ripples With Your Advertising

by Kaye Z. Marks

In any type of advertising, whether color printing or the media, the key to marketing effectively is to be in the same wavelength as that of your target audience. It does not matter how great your design is or how appropriate your message, you would not get their attention if your target clients are preoccupied with something else. It is like talking to someone deaf. No matter how hard you try to make your words comprehensible, it would not matter because that person would not notice or understand what you are talking about.

In advertising, it is either you choose to create a big impact using small ripples, or create a disturbance and yet go unnoticed.

What am I driving at here? I am saying that advertising can be successful even if you develop a marketing campaign that seem to be insignificant compared to the promotional strategies of the big companies. Nevertheless, a tiny cause can have a huge and significant outcome. The key is to make your marketing strategy in harmony with what your target clients are currently occupied with.

Everyday, your potential customers are busy with so many issues and concerns that they would not probably have any time for anything else, other than to look for solutions to their problems. This just means that no matter how hard you advertise your business, albeit the best color printing method, it would not matter one bit to them if your words would not sink in. Even if you develop the most valuable information, it would not create ripples in your target clients’ minds if it does not go with anything they are busy with at that particular moment.

Hence, if you are able to enter into the psyche of your target audience with your words, you will most probably have the best chances of getting them to follow you. In fact, they’ll likely to grasp what you have to say and give a positive response to your offer just because understanding your message is easy and effortless.

So how do you get into the groove of your target clients? Simple. By providing a sales message that falls within their accepted beliefs and thinking. By being considerate of their concerns and sympathetic with their plight, you will most likely have a better opportunity to connect with your potential clients. And most of all, you can start promoting new ideas to them.

That is how advertising should be anyway – catering to the needs of your clients and prospects. By not considering your customers first before anything else, it does not matter how expensive or costly your marketing campaign. It will not matter one bit because your target market will not give you the time of day to provide them with your marketing collateral, let alone try to understand your message in your promotional material.

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