Avoid Getting Your Business Cards Trashed

by Lynne Saarte

Your business card is definitely your representation to your target readers. Before they can even talk to you face-to-face, your business card printing materials can already tell them whether they would like to get to know you better.

So why do your business cards always end up in the trash? What does your competition have that you don’t?

Well, for one thing, a good business card. We won’t even be talking about this if you already have a smashing business card printing piece, right?

Why don’t you look at your business cards again and try to evaluate your print pieces according to this business card printing checklist:

Color – First of all, before you even check your paper quality or even the information written on your business card printing piece, look at the overall appearance of your business card. Do you have anything at all that can attract your target reader to your business card? Is your business card printing item the usual black-on-white? If so, then most probably your business card will go in the trash.

Colors do add life to an otherwise dull and boring business card printing job. So why not use a splash or two, or even three. But be careful that you don’t overdo it. Too much can be distracting.

Paper – Is your business card printing paper made of quality stock or is it very fragile that a small amount of water would make your print cards shred easily?

Size and Format – Anything bigger than what can fit in your wallet would definitely get trashed. The usual size is 3.5” x 2”.

Ink – If your text gets soggy and garbled when you drop some liquid on it, then your business cards printing is definitely for the trash bin.

Contact Information – Your business card printing design and layout should be able to have all the contact information about you that would make it easy for your target readers to get in touch with you. Depending on your target clients’ preference on the means of communication, your business cards should have a phone number, mobile number, fax, voicemail, email, as well as a website address (if you happen to have one). Lack of contact information = trash.

Font – Is your card readable and legible? If you have to squint your eyes before you can even read what is written in your business card printing item, then it’s again the trash for you. Don’t cram your business cards with too much information. White space has a purpose – to make your card easier to the eyes, which makes for more readable information.

Finally, always remember that your business cards are representations of you. Hence, your overall design and layout should match your business image. Just by looking at your business card printing pieces, your prospective clients should be able to get an impression that is worth their time and effort. If not, then it would always be the garbage bin for your print business cards.

Editor Note: Business cards are a great way to advertise your flea market business. For more marketing tips to promote your flea market business, check out our business marketing course for flea market vendors.

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