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SIFM Customer News         Editor: Melissa Oaks          Issue #11        Date: August 4, 2007

August 2007 News and Specials

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Welcome Message

      Welcome back to another addition of the Snead Indoor Flea Market News! A very warm welcome goes to those that are 1st time readers. We publish this newsletter to keep our customers informed about any news or specials that they may want to know about. I hope that you enjoy this issue.

Note from Editor

       The end of Summer is fast approaching. Kids will be going back to school soon. Back to school shopping, new morning routines, homework and school projects to help with, school activities to volunteer for, parent/teacher meetings, what can a parent do to prepare? Check out our customer gift page for our “Back to School Survival Guide”.

August News

      Stover’s Gifts would like to thank the wonderful customers that regularly come to see us. We really appreciate your business and good company. Next week we will have new items, tools, incense (something I have been looking for and have been asked about), a pop can crusher, and other items too. We will be bringing in t-shirts for all sizes. From novelty to American Indian to child and teen wear. Stop by and see the new items.

      We also have new fairy figurines that have been very popular. It seems like ships are a good birthday and Christmas gift, as one customer told us as she bought 7 pieces from the ship collection. Now is the time to start thinking about Christmas. It gives you time to start looking for that special gift and not be in a hurry, 2 days before, to buy something.

       You can also take the time to sit down with our catalog at Stover’s Gifts and look through it for something special. We can’t get everything in our booth, but we have been receiving more and more orders from the catalog. Stop by for just a warm hello. Thanks to our customers once again.

August Specials

      RMO Enterprises has a new selection of hot wheels cars. You can get these for 75 cents each or 2 for $1. These cars may not last long, so stop by to see our great selection. These cars would make great stocking stuffers.

       We also have a new selection of VHS movies for $2/each or 3 for $5. These items can be found near the concession area. Stop by for a cold refreshing beverage as you browse our selection of deals.

Snead Indoor Flea Market      43100 State Hwy 75      Snead, AL 35952      (256) 558-2881

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