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SIFM Customer News         Editor: Melissa Oaks          Issue #1        Date: April 1, 2006

April 2006 News and Specials

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Welcome Message

      Welcome to the 1st addition of the Snead Indoor Flea Market News! We will be publishing this newsletter monthly to keep our customers informed about any news or specials that they may want to know about. I hope that you enjoy this 1st issue.

Note from Editor

        Hello, my name is Melissa Oaks and I will be creating this informative newsletter for our valued customers. My goal for this newsletter is to provide you with a time efficient way to keep informed about our flea market news and specials. I hope that you will find these newsletter issues valuable and informative.

April News

      The Snead Indoor Flea Market can now be found on the web. Our flea market page can be found at On this page you can learn more about our vendors and some of the merchandise that they provide. You will also be able to view the newsletter issues and other web only specials. We invite you to log on today to see what other goodies await you. Please feel free to share this web page with family and friends.

April Specials

      Starting April 1st, Stovers Gifts Etc. (one of our vendors) will be offering a $10 gift card for every purchase of $30 or more at booths A11-A15. This special will run throughout the month of April and end on April 30th. So I encourage you to stop by their booths and see what treasures you may find.

Snead Indoor Flea Market      43100 State Hwy 75      Snead, AL 35952      (256) 558-2881

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