101 Ways To Use Your Postcards

by Lynne Saarte

Postcards are often the favorite marketing tool especially among small business owners. You know why? Because postcard printing is basically easy, fast, and cost effective as compared with the other marketing materials. Postcards are also attractive and nice to look at that potential clients usually keep them.

Here are some ‘101’ ways that postcards may be used as a targeted marketing design for small businesses.

As souvenirs. Postcards are great souvenirs of places you’ve been to. Produce wonderful postcards to promote the sites in your area then include at the back your company’s information. This way, not only do you target your potential clients in your area, you might even have the opportunity of getting other guests and visitors to the place who might just be looking for a product or service that you just happen to have.

As thank-you notes. Just a simple and quick thank you note scribbled in your postcard can go a long way of making you special to your potential clients. If you had referrals or leads for your business from others, don’t forget to send them your postcards and tell then in not so many words how much you appreciate their gesture of kindness. People are always pleased when somebody takes the time to say one of the magic words that they’ll remember you and your business for a very long time.

As gift certificates or special discount coupons. To maintain your customer database, nurture your current clients and provide them with incentives to stay with your business. Show them that you appreciate their loyalty by sending them print postcards that serve as gift certificates or discount coupons that they can use on their next visit to your shop. One tip I got from a fellow business owner: he gets referrals mostly from his present clients by having them fill out a name of their friend or acquaintance on the postcard. That way, you can get new customers that might be interested in what you have to offer. And when a friend refers a service or product that they are satisfied with, no doubt you’re business’ reputation will spread like wildfire.

As an after-sale contact. After a purchase, you can send your clients a postcard that allows them to experience other related services that you have, with a discount of course. This is definitely a chance for you to make an after-sale deal.

As an introduction of products and services. Your print postcard is one way of making your target clients know of new products and services, aside from the ones you have already offered. Keep your current clients updated and make sure that they are abreast with new additions to your business.

As notice of secret and pre-sales offering for favorite clients. Postcards are also tools to make your best clients know they are special by giving them a special sale or discount on their favorite product or service from your business. You could even treat them to a special advance screening of your upcoming product and service line.

You could also use postcards as announcement of new projects or finished jobs; to remember special days; as reminders of special events such as holidays or upcoming anniversaries; as invitations to special affairs where your business may be featured; and even to let your target clients know of any recognition made on your products and services.

There are a lot more ways to use your ubiquitous postcards. You might have additional costs with the postcard printing of so many kinds; however, this is one time that you are sure to get, in the long run, more returns than you could ever imagine.

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Editor Note: Postcards are a great way to advertise your flea market business. For more marketing tips to promote your flea market business, check out our business marketing course for flea market vendors.

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