Thanksgiving Party Ideas and Supplies

by Gail Leino

The average old thanksgiving party ideas are often overused these days and while thanksgiving is a much loved family tradition there just isn’t much to the celebration of it. As a party host its up to you to really get everyone into the thanksgiving mood. You can never over decorate your house with fall themed items and thanksgiving décor.

The centerpiece in most homes on thanksgiving is that big roast turkey, sometimes families cook up so much food that there are more tables than there are turkey’s to serve as centerpieces. An easy way to come up with more centerpieces and extra holiday decoration is to pick some party table centerpieces up. You can find an interesting turkey tree for your table. It's about eighteen inches tall with a cascade of miniature turkeys, leaves and food items. Or you can pick up a thanksgiving turkey table kit with those expandable honeycomb turkeys and even pumpkins. These fold up easily to go into storage until next year when you are done with them.

Hang green, yellow and red metallic fall dangles from your ceiling to add to the atmosphere. Some of them come with small metallic fall leaves attached to the ends of the dangles. Guests will have fun glancing up at them when they come into a room or to sit under them at the table.

Another way to really set the scene is with scene setters or with wall borders. They can be found with the appropriate fall scenes on them and are very easy to set up. You simply unroll them and place them along the walls. You’ll need some sticky tack to hold them up and they also make for easy take down after the holiday is over. Plus guests will love the bold statement you are making with your thanksgiving wonderland.

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